Will the switch block and the function callToUpdate(count) run asynchronously.

var id="a1";
        var count=0;
        switch(id) {
        case "a1":

        case "a3":
        default : 

I googled and found questions about the for loop in the same context here below.

Is a 'for loop' a function?

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    There's nothing asynchronous going on in the switch, so there's nothing for it to execute asynchronously – CertainPerformance Sep 12 at 8:19
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    no, it's sequential – Ashvin Sharma Sep 12 at 8:20
  • Well the question you linked to is not about JS but still applicable - a for loop is not a function. Similarly, the switch is not a function. I'm not sure why you expect it to be or for it to be async. – VLAZ Sep 12 at 8:22
  • switch is a statement - according to documentation™ – Jaromanda X Sep 12 at 8:23
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    as for callToUpdate(count) run asynchronously - assuming there's no asynchrony in callToUpdate then there will be no asynchrony when calling it – Jaromanda X Sep 12 at 8:24

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