I have 8 different breeds in my model. Some of them share similar traits. Anyway, lets suppose that my breeds are

breed [ humans human ]
breed [ dogs dog ]
breed [ cats cat ]
breed [ horses horse ]
breed [ elephants elephant ]
breed [ mouses mouse ]
breed [ monkeys monkey ]
breed [ birds bird ]

My question is how to ask for example everyone except birds. I don't want to ask each breed individually. I know that when you want to ask every breed than you go with ask turtles.

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You will want some combination of turtle-set and member? primitives. For example, let wanted (turtle-set humans horses mouses) will get an agentset named 'wanted' with all the humans, horses and mouses. For your specific example, let wanted turtles with [not member? self birds] will get all the turtles except birds.

  • I'd suggest preferring breed != birds to not member? self birds
    – Seth Tisue
    Commented Sep 13, 2019 at 17:40

Don't forget that turtles have a built-in variable breed (look it up). All you need is ask turtles with [breed != birds]

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