I have a material-UI textfield, after I key in some value, I want to set a error message if custom validations fail.

I am able to set in error message when blank value is entered only. So instead of the blank value error messages, I want to add in my own customer error messages.

const checkValue = (newValue) => {
    var other = { 'a': 1 };
    if(!_.isEqual(newValue, other)) {
        alert('value is correct.');
        //I want to set error message next to field value is not correct.

    onKeyUp={e => { checkValue(e.target.value); }}
    onChange={e => { checkValue(e.target.value); }}
    error={value=== ""}
    helperText={value=== "" ? 'Please enter a value!' : ' '}
  • Have you tried adding a Paper element under TextField with a value for it in the state that you set the error into when the criteria are satisfied in your checkValue method? – Ghassen Louhaichi Sep 12 at 9:32
  • currently i can set in a blank value error message using helper text, i want to set the value after my validation method is triggered – Jacel Sep 12 at 9:36
  • If you use the Paper component for the error instead of helperText, you can fully control what you put inside it using your checkValue method. You can then use CSS to position it correctly. – Ghassen Louhaichi Sep 12 at 9:41

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