So i want to create a dynamic Radio Group (using material ui) witch takes an object as parameter and build the radio buttons using this object. it works fine (when i click on the radio button the state changes) but the problem is when i click on the radio button it doesn't get updated (selected). can any one help me please ?
you can find a demo in codesandbox. In the demo there is two examples :

  1. the first one uses the material ui RadioGroup component and it works fine
  2. the second uses my new component named RadioBox and what it doesn't work



Problem :

Value of Male and female key is 0 and 1 respectively in integer but props.value on RadioBox.js value comes on string.

One of the Solution:

add parseInt on value attribute on RadioBox component return value.

return (
    <RadioGroup value={parseInt(props.value)} onChange={props.handleChange}>
  • after testing ti works fine. thanks a lot saurssaurav you saved my day. the value passed to the RadioBox was a string and not an integer you are right. – Amdouni Mohamed Ali Sep 12 at 12:37

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