If I write "http://localhost:3000/login" in the url field on chrome, i cant access to this component. But, if i put a <Link to="/login">, there isn't problem, the component rendered perfectly.

my App.js code:

              render={(props) => <><Landing {...props} /></>} />
              render={(props) =>  <LoginForm {...props}/>} />
              render={(props) => <><Menu/> <Home {...props} /> </>} />

            <AnonRoute component={NotFound}/>


AnonRoute, PrivateRoute has:

{!isLoggedIn ?  <Route render={render} {...rest}/> : <Redirect to="/"/>}  

I don't know how identify the way of error... If anyone need more code, let me know, please.


It's because you didn't handle the /login in the backend. You can handle the whole thing from the front end by using HashRouter instead of BrowserRouter. Or you can handle it from the backend by return the html page to all the routes. Take a look at this https://stackblitz.com/edit/hashrouter-demo

  • well, but i never used that, and always work... i dont know why! github.com/prrrcl/ementh (for ex. in my backend, i didnt handle /login route) – Adrián Sep 12 at 9:49
  • what server you are using to deploy your react app – ankalal Sep 12 at 9:53
  • Node, its like this: github.com/prrrcl/ementh-back – Adrián Sep 12 at 9:57
  • I found the issue! create-react-app give me the fallback, but my actual project isnt a create-react-app – Adrián Sep 12 at 10:26

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