I am using Jedis for a Java project that uses Redis. The idea of the code giving me an issue is to inert an obj into a hash set in redis. If an object of the type has already been inserted in redis, I want to duplicate the redis entry and write the object into the duplicated line.

The first loop creates a list of keys to write the object into and the second loop writes the object to the keys.

There arises an Issue, where the jedis hexists method throws this error:

redis.clients.jedis.exceptions.JedisDataException: ERR wrong number of arguments for 'hset' command

I've tried rewriting the code to use hgetsall and iterate it over the resulting map, but then the error is just moved to the hgetsall method. I figure the error doesn't acctually have anything with the hexists method and is caused somewhere else. I don't know where though.

Another thing to note, is that the method works multiple times before throwing the error.

So here's the code that is causing the problems:

protected void generalProcessing(WebtrekkFileModel obj, Jedis jedis) {
            List<String> newKeys = new ArrayList<>();
            List<String> toWrite = new ArrayList<>();
            keyHandler.matchKeys(obj.getSid(), obj.getEid(), obj.getRid())
                    .forEach(k -> {
                        if (existsInRedis(jedis, obj, k)) {
                            newKeys.add("+" + k);
                            toWrite.add("+" + k);
                            jedis.hset("+" + k, jedis.hgetAll(k));
                        } else {
            keyHandler.addKeys(newKeys, obj);
            Pipeline pipe = jedis.pipelined();
            toWrite.forEach(k -> {
                pipe.hset(k, obj.toHashMap());
        }catch (Exception e){
            LOG.error("Something went wrong connecting during the processing loop: " + e.getMessage());

    protected boolean existsInRedis(Jedis jedis, WebtrekkFileModel obj, String key){
        try {
            return Boolean.TRUE.equals(jedis.hexists(key, obj.toHashMap().keySet().iterator().next())); //this is line 92
        }catch (JedisDataException e){
            LOG.error("Error checking existence of obj " + obj.getPrefix() + " in key " + key, e );
            return false;

This is the produced error:

redis.clients.jedis.exceptions.JedisDataException: ERR wrong number of arguments for 'hset' command at ... impl.Workers.impl.AbstractWorker.existsInRedis(AbstractWorker.java:92)

I would appreciate any help I can get with this, as I am very stuck. Thank you.

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