I have a project in IBM ALM which uses several external components. Every time the team developing those components makes a release, they create a snapshot with baselines for all components. As a result, when I want to update my project to the latest release, I see incoming changesets on all components, most of which consist of only the baseline labels with the snapshot name, with no actual code changes.

Is there a way to automatically accept all such "empty" changesets, so that I can clearly see the remaining components which have actual changes and have a chance to analyse those changes before accepting them?


That was asked 4 years ago in this thread, and referred to RTC Work Item 189873, which was rejected.

This thread proposed:

As far as I known there's no way to hide incoming change sets.

But you can hide empty baseline created by other users from Eclipse Preference, select Team > Jazz Source Control > Changes.
In the right panel, uncheck "Show all baselines (including empty baseline and baselines created by others)".

  • Thanks, what you found looks relevant. Unfortunately, unchecking the option doesn't have the desired effect and apparently I'm not alone in being unable to get it to work. – Dmitry Grigoryev Dec 2 at 9:58
  • 1
    @DmitryGrigoryev That is what I thought... unfortunately, any related RFE is often quite slow to be implemented. – VonC Dec 2 at 10:01

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