I'm using gradle V4.10.2 and eclipse for building WAR files. I have some common JAR files for all the wars. I need them to use only during compile time and need to exclude them while building into WAR file. Also I don't want to exclude all the JARs file.

I've put all the JARs in libs folder. In build.gradle, I have specified only the JARs to be included. Since the exclude list is bigger then include list of JARs I'm not using exclude

war {

The above results the WAR file without META-INF folder. Hence, webapp is not started. I have tried adding the libs as reference lib in eclipse but that results in compilation error.

Execution failed for task ':compileJava'.
Compilation failed; see the compiler error output for details

So I have to include all the JARs in libs folder and then need to use only required JARs in the WAR built. How to include only specific JARs into build?

  • Maybe this can help: docs.gradle.org/4.10.2/userguide/… – Sterconium Sep 12 at 13:22
  • You shouldn't be using lib dirs, it's 2019 (and you're not a caveman building with ant!) You should be using dependencies from a repository which can participate in dependency resolution – lance-java Sep 12 at 17:16

I strongly recommend reading about building Java projects with Gradle and in particular the part about web applications

In short you should add the JARs needed for compilation only to the compileOnly configuration and the JARs needed for compilation and at runtime in the implementation configuration. Gradle will then use all of them for compilation and only include the ones in implementation when packaging the WAR.

While you can do that by selecting them from your libs folder, I strongly recommend moving to libraries and its metadata sourced from a repository, private or public, so that the dependency management is done for you.

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