I need some help with my code in Excel. I created ProgressBar and want to run and display correctly (with %) while my macro running.

I tried add the parameters UserForm1.Show vbModeless and UserForm1.Repaint in my main macro, but it not worked.

Code of my UserForm ProgressBar is below:

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()    
    Dim reminder As Long        
    Dim i As Long, j As Long

    reminder = 0

    For i = 1 To 200        
        UserForm1.Label2.Width = UserForm1.Label2.Width + 1

        If i Mod 2 = 0 Then        
            reminder = reminder + 1        
            UserForm1.Caption1 = reminder & " % completed"        
        End If

        For j = 1 To 150        
        Next j        
    Next i

    Unload UserForm1    
End Sub

What I see using this method - UserForm stop on 0% and my main macro is running to end, then UserForm with ProgressBar is running from 0 to 100% and clos, but I want to use UserForm with Main Macro in same time.

Please help me with this issue.


WORKING: I create two NON MODAL! Forms NAMED "progressbar" ( with 1 Textbox NAMED counter) and "tester " (with 3 Buttons NAMED count hide and show)

the code in progressbar:

            Dim count As Long

            Public Sub progressbar_show()
                count = 0
            End Sub

            Public Sub progressbar_update()
                If count < 100 Then count = count + 1
                progressbar.counter.Text = Str(count)
            End Sub

            Public Sub progressbar_close()
                counter = 0
            End Sub

The code in tester: (calls routines in form progressbar)

            Private Sub count_Click()
                Call progressbar.progressbar_update
            End Sub

            Private Sub hide_Click()
                Call progressbar.progressbar_close
            End Sub

            Private Sub show_Click()
                Call progressbar.progressbar_show
            End Sub

Works as designed. on the click button the textbox will be updated on each click. Please note HOW i call the functions from on form to the other form. The form name has to be included. The name of the controls have also to match. Its a good idea to rename the controls and forms. I made a autocad VBA with has 1700 controls. Its not the fun after some weeks to imagine what commandbutton_762 actuelly may do ;)

  • Sorry, but i don't need a UserForm that updates with CommandButtons. I need command form what I can call from my main macro (putting in the beginning of the macro line ProgressBar.Show) and it's open and run a UserForm ProgressBar with percentage updating and macro in the same time without any buttons click. – zealot123 Sep 15 at 4:28
  • This command buttons are ment as demo, They are not needed. They just schall show you how it is working. Take the code of them out and copy their working code inside your macro. I placed also a rewritten and tested version here in. The code is totally basic that is why i suggest to give a bit more afford to this. I try to help but I am not willing to making other peoples homework. – Thomas Ludewig Sep 15 at 8:02

That can not work like this. You need 3 functions one to show the userform progressbar 0 percent. then you need a function to update your form end finaly the function to remove the form This code is NOT tested see the testing code i posted here also !

            Dim counter As Long        

            Public Sub UserForm_Activate()    
                counter = 0
                UserForm1.Label2.Width =0
            End Sub

            Public Sub UserForm_update()    
                if counter <100 then counter=counter+1
                UserForm1.Label2.Width =  counter
            end sub

            Public Sub UserForm_close()    
                counter = 0
            End Sub

            'somewhere in a module or class

            sub calculate
                call UserForm_Activate()    
                for i=0 to 100
                   call UserForm_update()
   '  Sleep (200) if this very handy OS call is included somewhere
                call UserForm_close
            end sub 
  • It's doesn't working – zealot123 Sep 13 at 4:30
  • Make form with 3 Butons and test the thing sub by sub. The first 3 subs as the counter has to live in the progressbarform and the calculate thing in some module.BTW Doesnt Work is not a answer. What does not work ? Does the progressbar doesnt show up ? Is there a error message ? – Thomas Ludewig Sep 13 at 13:54
  • It's doesn't work like it need to work. With my code what I was written upper I get the same result (UserForm is working, but stacks in 0% and waiting for the macro while macro is running to the end, and only after that UserForm starting to work. Maybe I did something wrong while tested your code. – zealot123 Sep 15 at 4:34
  • This code IS working. Create a new worksheet and put my code inside. Be careful to name the few controls and userforms accordingly. Make the forms non modal. I am 100% sure that your call to your update is on the wrong place or your counter variable is not proper addressed or reset to zero. If you can not make this tiny thing go to work i would suggest to forget about the progressbar until you are a bit more familar with VBA. BTW docs.microsoft.com/de-de/office/vba/api/… is also a nice and simple way to show a progress. Using it is very simple – Thomas Ludewig Sep 15 at 7:56
  • I have an error with Sleep (200) – zealot123 Sep 15 at 10:56

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