"What is the meaning of cd. > for creating empty file in windows CMD?" In my view point CD means change directory but why i have to put .> for creating empty file in windows CMD?

C:\Users\smith\Desktop\web>cd. >index.html

> redirects output from the preceding operation to a file handle. Unfortunately, there's no straighforward way to output an empty string with echo in cmd, so if you use:

echo. > newfile.txt

for example, you end up with newfile.txt containing a trailing new-line.

cd. "changes" the location to, well, the current location (so effectively does nothing) and then it outputs... well, nothing! The effect being that:

cd. > newfile.txt

results in an empty text file


An alternative way to create a zero (0) length file. This seems more explicit and probably more quickly understood.

COPY NUL nnn.txt


TYPE NUL >nnn2.txt
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    What is the meaning of COPY NUL? – sumon Sep 13 at 3:53
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    @sumon, nul is the Null device in Windows, so you can put data into it to dismiss it or read data from it to get, well, nothing... – aschipfl Sep 13 at 11:12
  • NUL on DOS/Windows is like /dev/null on Linux/*NIX. – lit Sep 13 at 13:43

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