I am successfully modifying my remote notification payload using the UINotificationServiceExtension.

I want to change the alert sound based on the user's choice here. In order to do that I need to assign a UINotificationSound object to the bestAttemptContent:

bestAttemptContent.sound = UNNotificationSound(named: UNNotificationSoundName(rawValue: "alertTone.caf"))

This will work for tones which I have created and imported into my project. One named alertTone.caf in the above example.

However, I want to use the system alert tones instead of my own. I know I can set the default tone but I want access to other custom tones. Is there anyway at all to do this?


You can't reference the system sounds for UNNotificationSound, but you can try to play the sound when you receive the notification in the service extension.

// import
import AVFoundation

// create a sound ID, in this case its the tweet sound.
let systemSoundID: SystemSoundID = 1016

// Play the correct sound when the notification is received in the service extension
AudioServicesPlaySystemSound (systemSoundID)

Source for playing system sounds here.

This is a list of all the system sound ids that you can use for reference.

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