I trying to delete filtered rows in BigTable.

I have a table that has an empty value in a cell that I would like to remove the row from the table, I wrote a filter that select the relevant rows, but when I try to delete the rows, I get an error. enter code hereAttributeError: 'PartialRowData' object has no attribute 'delete'

I would like to know how should I Filter the relevant rows that base on the filter and delete them.

My code wrote in Python

col1_filter = row_filters.ColumnQualifierRegexFilter(b'customerId')
label1_filter = row_filters.ValueRegexFilter('')
chain1 = row_filters.RowFilterChain(filters=[col1_filter, label1_filter])

partial_rows = table.read_rows(filter_=chain1)

for row in partial_rows:

You get that error because the PartialRowsData does not have a delete function. You have to create a row from it (eg DirectRow), than you can call the delete function or delete_cell function on it.

  • Thank you, do you mean to create the row base the row_key : row = table.row(data.row_key) row.delete() row.commit() – Roy G Sep 13 at 12:46
  • 1
    Yes, that will delete the whole row. If you would like to delete only the customerId cell, you can use the delete_cell() function with column family and qualifier parameters. – jszule Sep 13 at 13:34
  • Thanks, it's working. I added another question about read and modify, I will appreciate if you have exemple stackoverflow.com/q/57914718/5082288 – Roy G Sep 13 at 14:17

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