Is there any way to make an Azure Automation Runbook end with a status of 'Failed'? Even when exceptions are thrown, the runbook still ends in a status of 'Complete'. You can go into the runbook job with status of "Complete" and see the exceptions thrown.

However, is there a way to explicitly fail an Azure Runbook, for example if you catch an exception and want the entire runbook to fail, so that the status will end in "Failed"?


In the catch block, you need to use throw statement again.

Sample code in runbook:

   $wc = new-object System.Net.WebClient
    # explicitly use throw here
    throw "I have some errors."

After running completed, in the job status:

enter image description here


I use $errorActionPreference = "Stop" in all PowerShell scripts, including Azure Automation Runbooks otherwise normal PowerShell handling ("Continue") will cause errors to not be handled and reported.

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