I have a problem implementing google admob in unity. I downloaded latest version of Unity plugin from github but there is missing xml manifest and i can't figure out how can i get that file. I tried reimporting several times but it does't work Unity version is 2019.2.0f1, any help is appreciated. here is the error log

I fixed second error, main problem is the blue one

I fixed second error, main problem is the blue one


In the ManifestProcessor.cs file that gives me an error The "manifestPath" value was "Plugins/Android/GoogleMobileAdsPlugin.androidlib/AndroidManifest.xml".

The actual AndroidManifest file was solved by changing the value of "manifestPath" because it exists in "Plugins/Android/GoogleMobileAdsPlugin/AndroidManifest.xml".

string manifestPath = Path.Combine(Application.dataPath, "Plugins/Android/GoogleMobileAdsPlugin.androidlib/AndroidManifest.xml");

=> string manifestPath = Path.Combine(Application.dataPath, "Plugins/Android/GoogleMobileAdsPlugin/AndroidManifest.xml");
  • Not Working Bro – Zeeshan Ali Aug 26 '20 at 18:29
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    This almost works, but causes other issues. Per my answer below, I found it was better to rename the folder to match rather than alter the path in the code. – Thomas Jan 19 at 17:39

Put manifest.xml file manually on require location, i am also getting this error i solved by manully put xml file on "...Assets\Plugins\Android\GoogleMobileAdsPlugin{XML FILE}" this location.


I had same problem when trying to click "Build And Run". For some reason the problem disappeared when I clicked "Build" instead (and let it build to a file) and after that the "Build And Run" button worked also.


I tried Junmo's solution above, and it looked good but was giving app ruining, apparently unrelated crashes once built to Android. So I would like to update that to what I finally found works;

Find the folder at


and rename it to


That seems to solve the error message, and not cause unknown crashes down the line. So far. We'll see how long Google keeps compatibility for this solution.


on Assets/GoogleMobileAds/Settins menu window; if you checked "Google Ad Manager" checkbox;

Warning: This step is required as of Google Mobile Ads SDK for Android version 17.0.0 / iOS version 7.42.0. Leaving AdMob app ID empty results in a crash with the message: The Google Mobile Ads SDK was initialized incorrectly. You should make this change immediately.


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