We are trying to expose Sitecore media URLs to some other application.

One of the ways I could think about is creating a Virtual Directory and linking it with physical server where images are stored.

Limitation of this approach is there won't be a way to fetch thumbnails from Virtual Directory URL. e.g. ~/media/image.ashx?bc=White&dmc=0&h=500&thn=0&w=500 wont work with virtual directory

Is there any way to expose image URLs where we can expose actual version as well as a thumbnail of the images to other application? e.g. exposing both ~/media/image.ashx and ~/media/image.ashx?bc=White&dmc=0&h=500&thn=0&w=500

  • better to ask this question on - sitecore.stackexchange.com – Mahendra Shekhawat Sep 15 at 17:34
  • Why not just include hostname into the url? Do remember medias could be stored database-driven(blobs) without any file-based equivalent. Exposing virtual directory would bring limitations at once. – Nikolay Mitikov Sep 17 at 15:36

As these are images so you can append image's src property with Request.Url.Scheme +"://"+Request.Url.Host + /~/media/image.ashx?bc=White&dmc=0&h=500&thn=0&w=500

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