I see BroadcastReceiver and IntentService are used in this code to listen to location updates. This is a sample from google, so I assume there should be a good reason for it. IF you look at LocationUpdatesBroadcastReceiver and LocationUpdatesIntentService , the contents are almost same. Is it because one work in background?

  • thanks Mike. To be honest, I read through the code and comments. I see BroadcastReceiver used widely in newer SDK and not sure why need to use IntentService. Also, how they can coexist in system which supports both. Sorry, in the learning/struggling phase :-) – bsr Sep 14 at 3:47
  • No worries. I was just trying to gauge exactly which point is causing the confusion. Anyhoo, both the BroadcastReceiver and IntentService essentially operate in the background, inasmuch as they don't really have UIs. The reason they use a BroadcastReceiver in Oreo and up is that Oreo introduced limits on what can run in the background. Before Oreo, the Service would've worked just fine. Starting with Oreo, for apps targeting at least that version, the Service wouldn't be allowed to run in the background, but the Receiver broadcast is still allowed. – Mike M. Sep 14 at 4:02
  • Since there's only a split-second's worth of work, they just do ahead and do it in the Receiver itself. I'm not sure why they show both methods, since the Receiver should work on all versions, but I would guess it's just for educational purposes. If you would need to do more work than what is demonstrated there, you probably would need to start a Service from the Receiver, so maybe they kept the Service as a general example. – Mike M. Sep 14 at 4:02
  • 1
    Oh, that's why they didn't just use a Receiver for all versions. They were explicitly demonstrating the new restrictions, and the necessary code changes. That makes sense, then. – Mike M. Sep 14 at 11:52

I am making it point to point and not covering extra info, because there are many changes recently with the App background behavior and location updates in foreground and background.

In Android Oreo and above, when App goes to background, Intent Service cannot be started, whereas Broadcast receiver can be invoked.

Note: The code linked by you is part of android code-labs tutorials, further explanation of your code can be found in https://codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/background-location-updates-android-o

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