I'm trying to add a select using vuetify material design but the select doesn't show the options and if I add the label :<v-app> </v-app> works but this one breaks the designs

example: enter image description here

and when I add the label <v-app> </v-app> :

enter image description here


[Vuetify] Unable to locate target [data-app]

found in

---> <VMenu>
         <IngresaComponent> at src/components/LogIn/ingresa.vue
           <App> at src/App.vue


    <div class="container up">
      <div class="container down">
        <h3>Inicia Sesion</h3>

        <form method="POST">

            :append-icon="show1 ? 'visibility' : 'visibility_off'"
            :type="show1 ? 'text' : 'password'"
            label="Ingresa contraseña"
            @click:append="show1 = !show1"

          <v-select :items="options" label="Standard"></v-select>

          <v-btn class="mr-4" @click="submit" :disabled="!isComplete">submit</v-btn>
          <v-btn @click="clear">clear</v-btn>
  • Quoting the manual - The v-app component is REQUIRED for all applications. This is the mount point for many of Vuetify's components – IVO GELOV Sep 14 at 12:24
  • Could you make a codepen, jsfiddle or codesanbox for this, so we could see the problem our selfs? To solving the styling issue. as Ivo already said the v-app is required. – dreijntjens Sep 16 at 8:09

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