Hello I've a respone object from outsource and I need to reach sub elements of the object.

Here is response I have :

object(Iyzipay\Model\Payment)#13 (32) {
  string(2) "tr"
  string(13) "***_46_25"
  string(156) "{"status":"failure","errorCode":"12","errorMessage":"Kart numarası geçersizdir","locale":"tr","systemTime":1568548407994,"conversationId":"***_46_25"}"

Here is php code :

$payment = \Iyzipay\Model\Payment::create($request, Config::options());

I have to reach elements like $payment->rawResult or $payment->price etc.

However I try lots of things to reach it but there is no way. Probably I don't know the reaching issue about object. Is there anyone know ?

I will interpret the response with make subobject as variable. Also I tried to make array from this object but there is no way too.


Those properties are private, so they can't be accessed directly from outside the class. Howwever, the class Iyzipay\Model\Payment extends other classes that extends even more classes. After following the code, I found that there are getters for most properties.

To get the two properties you mentioned, use:

$price     = $payment->getPrice();
$rawResult = $payment->getRawResult();

You can read more about property- and method visibility in the manual: https://www.php.net/manual/en/language.oop5.visibility.php


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