Using Vue Material components I want concatenate a text with a variable's value to make the md-content text.

  md-title="Deletar Fornecedor"
  md-content="Concate this with {{fornecedorToDelete.nome}}"


data() {
   return { fornecedorToDelete: {nome: "Name"} }

but it doesn't works, the md-content's value is not set.


Use a computed property:


Then define mdContent in your computed property:

computed: {
  mdContent: {
    get: function() {
      return `Concate this with ${this.fornecedorToDelete.nome}`

Or you can (ew) do it the dirty way:

:md-content="`Concate this with ${fornecedorToDelete.nome}`"

You could bind md-content to a concatenated string with the data property as follows:

 :md-content="Concate this with+'fornecedorToDelete.nome'" 

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