Using dotnet core 3.0 (3.0.0-preview9.19424.4), I have a problem setting up specific MVC core routing. Currently I'm using attribute routing and have no routes.MapRoute calls defined and it works OK. Current url looks like this:


Here command is some command that is predefined (e.g. "info", "get", etc.)

I've added attribute to controller's method:


And this works OK. (instance is some other parameter, which also works OK). The problem is that specification is written in such way that command is provided as the first querystring parameter with no value. Like this:


I have no idea how to setup this kind of routing. If I put "?" inside template parameter of HttpGet attribute it complains that "?" is not a valid character for template.

Is there any other way to setup routing like that? Maybe some handler that would change URL before it is processed by routing engine? Internally its OK, if URL is changed. Its just external URLs will be generated like this (with command being the first querystring parameter without value).

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