I'm using the Serverless Framework to deploy my Lambdas to CloudFormation, and the guide https://serverless-stack.com to bootstrap my project.

Upon running a test of my API, I get the following error in the console

"Invalid identity pool configuration. Check assigned IAM roles for this pool."

This question ( AWS Cognito Invalid identity pool configuration ) led me to check my Trust Relationships, and they are the same ID, so I've ruled out this as my problem.

I've tried to ping this API using the following method:

$ npx aws-api-gateway-cli-test \
--username='admin@example.com' \
--password='Passw0rd!' \
--user-pool-id='YOUR_COGNITO_USER_POOL_ID' \
--app-client-id='YOUR_COGNITO_APP_CLIENT_ID' \
--cognito-region='YOUR_COGNITO_REGION' \
--identity-pool-id='YOUR_IDENTITY_POOL_ID' \
--invoke-url='YOUR_API_GATEWAY_URL' \
--api-gateway-region='YOUR_API_GATEWAY_REGION' \
--path-template='/client' \

and I get the same error.

Also I should note that I can connect to this MYSQL instance in MYSQL Workbench without issues.

This is my serverless.yml.

In the guide, they have the iamRoleStatements uncommented. I am unsure how to modify these for my MYSQL instance.

service: myservice

# Create an optimized package for our functions
  individually: true

app: my-app

  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs8.10
  region: us-east-2
  memorySize: 256
  timeout: 30

  # 'iamRoleStatements' defines the permission policy for the Lambda function.
  # In this case Lambda functions are granted with permissions to access DynamoDB.
 # iamRoleStatements:
 #   - Effect: Allow
 #     Action:
 #       - dynamodb:DescribeTable
 #       - dynamodb:Query
 #       - dynamodb:Scan
 #       - dynamodb:GetItem
 #       - dynamodb:PutItem
 #       - dynamodb:UpdateItem
 #      - dynamodb:DeleteItem
 #    Resource: "arn:aws:dynamodb:us-east-1:*:*"

      - SGID
      - subnet1
      - subnet2
      - subnet3

    handler: client.handler
      - http:
          path: client
          method: get
          cors: true
          authorizer: aws_iam
      - http:
          path: client/{id}
          method: get
          cors: true
          authorizer: aws_iam
      - http:
          path: client
          method: post
          cors: true
          authorizer: aws_iam
      - http:
          path: client/{id}
          method: put
          cors: true
          authorizer: aws_iam
      - http:
          path: client/{id}
          method: delete
          cors: true
          authorizer: aws_iam

  - serverless-offline

  # Create our resources with separate CloudFormation templates
  - ${file(resources/api-gateway-errors.yml)}

I'm a beginner with AWS, any help would be appreciated, thanks.


When I login with a user on my app, I get this response from a network call to AWS cognito

IdentityId: "us-east-2:t0cc2567-8d82-4ba4-9d06-065179256373"

My Authenticated role for my Identity pool has the following trust relationship, but the error still appears.

  "Version": "2012-10-17",
  "Statement": [
      "Effect": "Allow",
      "Principal": {
        "Federated": "cognito-identity.amazonaws.com"
      "Action": "sts:AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity",
      "Condition": {
        "StringEquals": {
          "cognito-identity.amazonaws.com:aud": "t0cc2567-8d82-4ba4-9d06-065179256373"
        "ForAnyValue:StringLike": {
          "cognito-identity.amazonaws.com:amr": "unauthenticated"
  • I am a hundred percent sure the issue lies with trust relationships. I would implore you to try running Identity Pool CLI commands (getId and getIdentity), and let me know the results for the same. – Arka Mukherjee Sep 16 '19 at 5:44
  • Can you direct me to the documentation for these CLI commands? I'm unsure which ones you're talking about. – Kevin Tran Sep 16 '19 at 15:38
  • Try this – Arka Mukherjee Sep 16 '19 at 16:25
  • I entered this into my terminal: aws cognito-identity get-id --identity-pool-id us-east-2:IDENTITY_POOL_ID and I got An error occurred (NotAuthorizedException) when calling the GetId operation: Unauthenticated access is not supported for this identity pool. – Kevin Tran Sep 16 '19 at 17:28
  • That clearly means you have configured Identity Pool IAM roles incorrectly. Kindly refer to the official documentations, and fix it as necessary. You would need to select the "Tick mark" beside the "Allow Unauthenticated Access" checkbox. Or provide a relevant Logins Map in the API call. – Arka Mukherjee Sep 16 '19 at 18:17

I know it's a year and half too but it might be helpful for someone in the future. I had a similar issue Indeed it was a trust policy issue. I am also a newbie and I am made the same obvious mistake as above. If your

"cognito-identity.amazonaws.com:aud": "Your Identity Pool Id"

references the correct identity pool. Then the next issue is this line

"cognito-identity.amazonaws.com:amr": "unauthenticated"

it should be "unauthenticated" for the unauth role and "authenticated" for auth role

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