I have a login page for my app that looks like

Login in Gmail
Login with email
Login with Facebook

When you enter into the app theres a logout button, which executes this function

func signOut(completion:(Error) -> Void){
    for id in providerData!{
            let loginManager = LoginManager()
        default: continue
    do {
        try Auth.auth().signOut()
    }catch let logoutError {

Once signed out, the user returns to the login page, but if they signed in using facebook, the facebook button still says Logout. If you click Logout, the button changes to say Login with Facebook again and works fine, but I just want the Logout part to never be there. I want it only to be a button for logging in.

This answer says some stuff about removing the access token but it looks like the correct syntax has changed, this is what they wrote


It looks like FBSDKAccessToken has been changed to AccessToken but I don't know what the equivalent functions are.

So it looks like this problem is only occurring sometimes. I have no idea why but sometimes when I log out of facebook on my app the button says 'Continue with Facebook' and sometimes it says 'Logout'

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