I've added a HttpClientFactory Implementation into my ASPNet Boilerplate Core project to make a call out to a Rest Service. The first call works fine, but I get a "Cannot access a disposed object.\r\nObject name: Framework.CorrelationIdDelegatingHandler'." error on the second call.

I've tried the same code in a new .Net Core project and it works fine.

The HttpClientFactory implementation I've used is from here:


I'm not sure what I need to change to correct this, any help much appreciated.

I'm using ABP version 4.7.1 and Asp.Net Core 2.2

ConfigureServices additions:

services.AddHttpClient<IExternalBoClient, ExternalBoClient,    ExternalBoClientOptions>(_appConfiguration, nameof(ApplicationOptions.ExternalBoClient));

AddHttpClient implementation:

    public static IServiceCollection AddHttpAuthenticationClient<TClient, TImplementation, TClientOptions>(
                                                                                        this IServiceCollection services,
                                                                                        IConfiguration configuration,
                                                                                                string configurationSectionName
        where TClient : class
        where TImplementation : class, TClient
        where TClientOptions : HttpClientOptions, new() =>
            .AddHttpClient<TClient, TImplementation>()
            .ConfigureHttpClient((sp, options) =>
                var httpClientOptions = sp
                options.Timeout = new TimeSpan(0, 0, 30);
                options.BaseAddress = httpClientOptions.BaseAddress;
                if (httpClientOptions.Timeout.TotalSeconds > 0)
                    options.Timeout = httpClientOptions.Timeout;
            .ConfigurePrimaryHttpMessageHandler(x => new DefaultHttpClientHandler())
  • We need to see your actual code. Especially your ConfigureServices method. Do you have any custom DelegatingHandler instances? – Dai Sep 16 at 2:57
  • What happens if you don't add any of the Polly delegating-handler items to the client pipeline? – Dai Sep 16 at 2:58
  • Taking out the delegate handlers avoids the error. But need to get it working with the delegate handlers included please: – DLedge Sep 16 at 3:17
  • Hi Guys, any help on this, I can't see why adding DelegatingHandlers in a Abp Boilerplate project would result in this error. – DLedge Sep 19 at 23:12
  • Hi Guys, still having this issue. Implementing HttpClientFactory in a new .net core project without Abp Boilerplate seems to work fine, but when I use it in my abp boilerplate project I get the "Cannot access a disposed object" exception. There seems to be something in the abp framework that is conflicting ? Any ideas please? Cheers – DLedge Nov 18 at 21:15

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