I would like to add an image to my html that, when clicked, will call a function that would play a sound, then when the sound is done playing take you to another website/link. I'm not sure of a way of doing this and have looked at various websites and articles. Thanks.

  1. First you need to add a click event to an <img> tag.
  2. You need an audio tag in order to play sound.
  3. You can trigger play() using the event registered on step 1
  4. Add an ended event to the audio tag to know when the audio ended
  5. Use location.href to navigate to another URL

You can hide the audio player if you want using styles.

const audio = document.querySelector('#audio');
audio.load(); //call this to preload the audio without playing

const picture = document.querySelector('#picture');

//add onclick event to image
picture.addEventListener('click', (e) => {
  //call this to play the audio right away

// register an event to know when the audio ended
audio.addEventListener('ended', (e) => {

  // go to another url
  location.href = 'https://w3.org';

audio {
  /* uncomment to hide the player */
  /* display: none; */
<p>Click the image to play sound</p>
<img id="picture" src="http://media.w3.org/2010/05/bunny/poster.png" width="200">


<audio id="audio" controls="controls">
  <source id="audioSource" src="http://media.w3.org/2010/05/sound/sound_5.mp3"></source>
  Your browser does not support the audio format.

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