i want to set mtproto on my ubuntu AZURE but everytime make mtproto it only run in private ip and not public ip Started as [privateip:-****:***:**********] how can i delete private ip in azure and only use public ip or solve this problem thanks


You can not remove the private IP but you can assign a public IP for your Azure VM to make traffic go inside or outside of azure.

Firstly, you could assign a public IP via this flow on the portal: virtual machine-networking-network interface-IP configurations-click the IP version-enable the public IP for this NIC, then save it.

Secondly, edit the configuration options.txt file, set it to listen to all interfaces:

--address <public_ip_here> -- set IP address got from ifconfig OR set to which means to listen to all interfaces

Finally, if you have NSG associated with your NIC or subnet, you can allow these ports from your client to access in the inbound rules. see How to open ports to a virtual machine with the Azure portal

-H 6968,6669 -- on which PORTS to listen for connections (You can set multiple ports using comma to split [see more](https://github.com/TelegramMessenger/MTProxy/issues/84#issuecomment-401022826))

For more details, you could follow this tutorial.

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