What I'm trying to do is to ask for password when user tries to close application. I stored the password in a text file for now. But even if I enter the correct password application won't close and is saying that I have entered wrong password(prints IGNORE1). I tried different encodings of file with password but nothing worked. Encoding of file is UTF-8

  def closeEvent(self, event):
    heslo_zadane = self.showDialog()
    in_file = open("klient.cfg", "rt")
    main_heslo = in_file.read()
    if heslo_zadane[1] == True:
      if heslo_zadane[0] == main_heslo:

  def showDialog(self):
    text, ok = QtGui.QInputDialog.getText(self, 'Vypnutie Klienta', 
        'Zadajte správcovské heslo:')
    return text, ok

Is there maybe a line ending on the password in the file? Otherwise it should work.

  • Yes you are right I created file through gedit and it added Unix/Linux Line Ending so I used main_heslo.rstrip() and it works now. Thanks for pointing that out. – J91321 Apr 27 '11 at 18:54

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