I need to implement following behavior:

  • Make a REST post request
  • If response returns with a status 429 Too many requests, retry up to 3 times with a delay of 1 second
  • If the third retry fails or any other error occurs, log and write something to the database
  • If the request was successful (http status 200), log some information

I would like to use Spring WebClient for this purpose and came up with this code:

Mono<ClientResponse> response = webClient.post()
            .onStatus(httpStatus -> httpStatus.equals(HttpStatus.TOO_MANY_REQUESTS), 
                      response -> Mono.error(new TooManyRequestsException("System is overloaded")))
            .doOnError(throwable -> saveToDB(some_id, throwable))
            .subscribe(response -> logResponse(some_id, response));

Now I would like to test if the retry mechanism and error handling works as I expect. May be I could use StepVerifier for this purpose, but I just cannot figure out how to use it in my case. Any useful hints?

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I think that you might be able to test this with a mock web server, e.g. MockWebServer.

public void testReactiveWebClient() throws IOException
    MockWebServer mockWebServer = new MockWebServer();

    String expectedResponse = "expect that it works";
    mockWebServer.enqueue(new MockResponse().setResponseCode(429));
    mockWebServer.enqueue(new MockResponse().setResponseCode(429));
    mockWebServer.enqueue(new MockResponse().setResponseCode(429));
    mockWebServer.enqueue(new MockResponse().setResponseCode(200)


    HttpUrl url = mockWebServer.url("/mvuri");
    WebClient webClient = WebClient.create();

    Mono<String> responseMono = webClient.post()
                    httpStatus -> httpStatus.equals(HttpStatus.TOO_MANY_REQUESTS),
                    response -> Mono.error(new TestStuff.TooManyRequestsException("System is overloaded")))



If you enqueue another MockResponse with a statuscode 429, the verification will fail, same with e.g. errorcode 500.


Dominik Sandjaja's answer basically helped me to set up my test. Just for sake of completeness I post here the working version:

public void mytest() {
    MockResponse mockResponse = new MockResponse()
        .setHeader(HttpHeaders.CONTENT_TYPE, "application/json")
        .setResponseCode(429).setBody("Too many requests");

    Mono<MyClass> responseMono = methodDoingTheAsyncCall.sendAsync(...);

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