I'm Rails 5. What's the proper way to encode a param so that it can be inserted into a route that looks like


I tried this

let(:url_encoded_param) { "abc.def-ghi.xyz" }

But it doesn't encode anything and the resulting route


results in a

No route matches [GET] "/books/abc.def-ghi.xyz/action"



Not sure what the desired output is, but you could do something similar to this: https://www.urlencoder.net/ruby-url-encode. Since you have added the Rails tag to your question I assume you have access to ERB, so this should work:

require 'erb'
include ERB::Util

let(:url_encoded_param) { url_encode("abc.def-ghi.xyz".gsub('.', '')) }

The gsub is there because encode doesn't remove or convert the periods. The periods will break the URL every time, so you'll have to substitute them manually (in this case via gsub). It might be wise to remove all non-alphanumeric characters to be save, which can be done with gsub(/[^0-9a-z ]/i, '') Then in a spec you could do something like:

get :your_action, params: { some_param: url_encoded_param }

That would theoretically work with the route:

GET /books/:some_param/your_action

  • Unfortunately, that doesn't work. It doesn't convert ".", which is ultimately what is screwing up the Rails' RESTful path resolution. – Dave Sep 16 at 20:37
  • Yeah, the dot will screw up any URL. What's your desired output? – NM Pennypacker Sep 16 at 20:38

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