Authenticating user with RSA certificate through iPhone' Safari browser not working with IIS website. I cant get it working. IIS just gives up with "client certificate required" error and safari doesn't provide certificate.


  • iPhone 3G latest firmware
  • CA and user certificates deployed (it shows them as unsigned)


  • IIS, windows XP (there are unanswered questions on web regarding iis7 too)
  • Require client certificate setting is on


  • RSA
  • one CA for user and server


  • SSL without client auth working well.
  • i've read Dartmouth, UVa and MIT instructions concerning iPhone configuration - these are for wifi i guess

Problems i cant resolve for now:

  • Safari returning encrypted alert 21 during handshake (i suppose this is TLS' decryption_failed error) - WHY?
  • Any Certificate Requirements on SSL client authentication for iPhone - WHERE?
  • Anybody got it working through SSL reverse proxy, for example - HOW?

Found a workaround using STunnel reverse proxy.

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