I use swagger-ui-express package(https://github.com/scottie1984/swagger-ui-express) (Node.js) and work fine with this config:

const swaggerUi = require('swagger-ui-express');
const swaggerDocument = require('./swagger.json');
app.use('/api-docs',swaggerUi.serve, swaggerUi.setup(swaggerDocument));

when directly got to /api-docs every thing is fine, but when i come from nginx for example host/myApp/api-docs redirect me to host/api-docs and it's obvious that after redirect I get 404

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The problem was for the swagger-ui-express middleware that redirect user to host/api-docs and don't use the prefix of path, so I solved this problem with a trick I use middleware with this path :

const swaggerUi = require('swagger-ui-express');
const swaggerDocument = require('./swagger.json');
app.use('/app-prefix/api-docs',swaggerUi.serve, swaggerUi.setup(swaggerDocument));

and in nginx I defined two location :

  location /app-prefix/api-docs {

  location /app-prefix/ {

so when user request to nginx , nginx route it to application second path : /app-prefix/api-docs

and after that swagger middlware redirect it to host/app-prefix/api-docs and redirect to correct path, now application route and swagger works fine.


add this options and test it :

    explorer: true,
    swaggerOptions: {
        validatorUrl: null
app.use('/api-docs',swaggerUi.serve, swaggerUi.setup(swaggerDocument, swaggerOption));```
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    Thanks fateme, but I tested your solution , and still not working. Sep 17, 2019 at 6:33

This is an old question, but I just run into the same problem. I am able to resolve this without using ngnix rewrite.

// serve the swagger ui in a temporary directory
app.use('/temp-api-docs', swaggerUi.serve, swaggerUi.setup(swaggerDocument));

// swagger-ui-express middleware that redirect user to /api-docs will not be aware the prefix of path by ngnix
const apiDocsRedirectPath = "application/prefix/go/here".concat('/temp-api-docs/');
app.get('/api-docs', function(req, res) {

I also had this problem and the marked correct answer worked for me. However, I do not understand how it is working because I don't know much about Nginx.

Here is my solution for future people with this issue.

    swaggerUi.setup(openapiSpecification as OpenAPIV3.Document)

The express app itself is behind an nginx proxy which looks like this

location /api/v1/myapp/ {
    proxy_pass http://myapp:3001/;

So when a request is made to example.com/api/v1/myapp/api-docs it comes out of the proxy to myapp like myapp:3001/api-docs which is fine, up until (I think) swagger UI express tries to load resources from example.com/api-docs which will 404 of course.

I solved it by adding this as a redirect.

location /api/v1/myapp/ {
    proxy_pass http://myapp:3001/;

location /api-docs/ {
    return 302 /api/v1/myapp/api-docs/;

So now when swagger goes off to request things at example.com/api-docs it is redirected to the correct location block and works like normal.

Again, not an expert with this but this seems to work and I think its easy to understand.

The caveat is that you are stuck with just one /api-docs so if you have multiple swagger endpoints this does not work.


None of the answers worked for me. I've solved it using a custom middleware.


const forwardedPrefixSwagger = async (req, res, next) => {
  req.originalUrl = (req.headers['x-forwarded-prefix'] || '') + req.url;


app.use('/docs/node/api/swagger/', middlewares.forwardedPrefixSwagger, swaggerUi.serve, swaggerUi.setup(swaggerFile, options));

Note: For this to work the URL must include a trailing slash.

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