​Currently I use a server to receive GCP Pub/Sub messages, and I'd like to perform a Purchase.Subscriptions:acknowledge call to acknowledge the subscription that has not been acknowledged as the server received the notification.

Here is the scenario ...
A user buy subscription A, which is 30-day-period, and then upgrade to 1-year-period. On the server side, will receive the notification with the upgraded transaction when the 30-day-period subscription is about to be expired. As the server retrieve the information by using Purchase.Subscription:Get you can see the acknowledgeState of this upgraded transaction is 0, so the server calls Purchase.Subscription:Acknowledge to acknowledge this transaction, but the problem is it returns an error message saying "The subscription purchase not is owned by the use".

Here is what the error message looks like: ​

    "error": {
       "errors": [
              "domain": "androidpublisher",
              "reason": "subscriptionNotOwnedByUser",
              "message": "The subscription purchase not is owned by the user."
       "code": 400,
       "message": "The subscription purchase not is owned by the user."

Does anyone have the same issue ?

The other information is that in the Android App, I set proration mode to DEFERRED in the BillingFlowParams class, that is why I can't acknowledge the new transaction in the App immediately since the state of the new transaction is not yet been PURCHASED, I can only do the acknowledgement on the server side.

  • Have you tried acknowledging the purchase after the change plan has actually taken place, i.e. after the current subscription has ended. This may not be a realistic solution but still wanted to know the behaviour. – mickeymoon Nov 21 '19 at 15:11
  • When you try to acknowledge the purchase after it has expired this will happen. Did you try to acknowledge within expire time? – Daan Geurts Dec 5 '19 at 12:16

If you're implementing Purchase.Subscription:Acknowledge the Purchase object now includes an isAcknowledged() method that indicates whether a purchase has been acknowledged. In addition, the server-side API now includes acknowledgement boolean values for Product.purchases.get() and Product.subscriptions.get(). Before acknowledging a purchase, be sure to use these methods to determine if the purchase has already been acknowledged.

How to integrate this is mentioned here

Have a look at links below, these might give you more information on this.



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