I have a Windows application developed in Delphi, which uses files to store data.

I have an engine application which make some calculations and stores them on a server. There are also come client applications which are connected to the server to display the data. So there is a folder on the server which is shared to allow the clients to get back data.

Now, I want to develop an Android application with Delphi FMX, which performs the same job as the Windows clients. The problem I have is I don't know how to create the shared folder on Android, and how to use it in my code.

Maybe there is another way to do it without using shared folders?

I've tried to use the jCIFS library, but Embarcadero's tutorial that explains how to use a Java library in Delphi applications seems to not be working:

Using a Custom Set of Java Libraries In Your RAD Studio Android Apps

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