Have been using cocoon gem for nested forms in rails 4 & rails 5 apps. Currently, I was updating one of the rails 5.2 app (which is using cocoon gem) to rails 6.

As rails 6 is using webpacker, so I tired to require cocoon javascript in application.js file as we used to do in previous versions of rails.


//= require cocoon

But unfortunately, things do not seem to work. Have also tried to import but of course, it's also not working as the cocoon is not available as a javascript package.

Any solution or alternate for this?


There is this Pull Request on cocoon GitHub repository that worked perfectly for me.

Package.json is provided in this branch so we can use yarn or npm to install package by providing GitHub repo link.

yarn add github:nathanvda/cocoon#c24ba53

Cocoon package will install and you can check your package.json file.

"cocoon": "github:nathanvda/cocoon#c24ba53"

commit number #c24ba53 is important, make sure it is included in your package.json file

After this, you can import cocoon.js in application.js file.

import "cocoon";

  • Thanks for this solution. It works fine. – Jigar Bhatt Nov 10 at 16:09
  • 1
    happy to help :) – Sikandar Tariq Nov 10 at 17:48

There is an 'hack' on the cocoon page for this:


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