I'm a little afraid to ask this question because the problem seems huge to me and yet I don't see anyone panicking about it. I'm a little afraid to sound crazy, but I'm going to go for it :

As we can read on Apple's post Submissions Update :

Starting with Xcode 11, Application Loader is no longer included in Xcode. For details on how to upload your apps to App Store Connect using Xcode, see Xcode Help.

It is legitimate for people and organizations using the Phonegap build service to ask themselves how to put our IPA online knowing that we do not have access to the Xcode project file.

Apple gives us a new tool called Archives organizer but as we can read on the documentation:

In the Archives organizer, select the archive you want to upload, then click Distribute App.

Okay, where's my archive? Is an IPA considered an archive? How do I integrate my IPA into this software?

Maybe I haven't found the solution that is right in front of me but for the moment I'm especially afraid of the future of Phonegap build if there is no alternative tool for the Application Loader.

So, did you even facing the same problem and do you find a solution ? (excepting a migration to Cordova)

I know that hybrid applications don't have a long life ahead of them because of the depreciation of UIWebView and the low compatibility of cordova with WKWebView but I can't believe Apple decides to kill Phonegap build without a warning. And as usual, Phonegap's teams are not very talkative.


Well, It is possible to transfer your ipa with the following command but did it is worked because I have the old version of Xcode (10) and so it will be deprecated when Xcode 11 release ?

xcrun altool --upload-app --type ios --file "path/to/application.ipa" --username "YOUR_ITMC_USER" --password "YOUR_ITMC_PASSWORD"
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I am using XCode 11 GM Seed 2 (11A420a). I've tried

xcrun altool --upload-app --type ios --file "path/to/application.ipa"
--username "YOUR_ITMC_USER" --password "YOUR_ITMC_PASSWORD"

But it didn't work for me as it were generating an error code like "Error Domain=ITunesSoftwareServiceErrorDomain Code=-22014.

I generated an App Store API Key (see https://appstoreconnect.apple.com/access/api), saved in in my ~/.appstoreconnect/private_keys directory and made this bash script named applicationloader.sh:

set -euo pipefail

# key is in ~/.appstoreconnect/private_keys
KEY="<the key part of the AuthKey_key.p8 file>"
xcrun altool --upload-app --type ios --file $APPFILE --apiKey $KEY --apiIssuer $ISSUER

Then (after a chmod a+x applicationloader.sh) I just type

applicationloader.sh app.ipa

and the app uploads to testflight no problem.

Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for this code. Personally altool with the identifiers works fine. The question may seem silly but did you use the password generated on appleid.apple.com ? – Enzo B. Sep 20 '19 at 12:54
  • Actually, I upload to a different appleid than mine - I upload into my customer's apple developer's account. This is probably the cause for the username/password not working. – Mazzaroth Sep 20 '19 at 14:48
  • I have 2FA on my account and was able to use a generated app password. – trebor Sep 25 '19 at 17:54
  • What do you mean by issuer id? The Apple ID that I use to login to the App Store? – AlexS Oct 16 '19 at 7:56
  • how do you do it now when in xcode 11.6 there is no altool? I need to notarize my app distributing outside appstore and I do not know how to notarize it. I am developing with Qt in QtCreator, therefore the altool was the first choice – Andrej Fogelton Aug 19 '20 at 7:17

Apple today announced that it is making a new version of its Transporter developer application available on the Mac App Store. This app allows developers to easily upload files to App Store Connect and more.

Available in the Mac AppStore


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November 2019 - the new "Transporter" app

enter image description here

  1. You have to get, from the ordinary mac app store, the Apple app "Transporter". To be clear click the ordinary "App Store" icon, in the icon bar, on your mac, search "Apple Transporter" and get it (it's totally free).

  2. In current Xcode. As usual, increase the build number, disconnect tethered phones, and click "Archive" as usual

  3. When complete, click "Distribute App" in the usual way. Do select "App Store Connect" in the usual way. But. Then select Export ... do NOT select upload.

  4. You will be asked where to save to - be sure to choose your Desktop.

  5. A folder (not file) will be left on your desktop. Notice the current time of day to distinguish the correct folder. (It's annoying when you get the wrong folder!)

  6. In the folder is an ".ipa" file. Everything else is NOT used / of no value whatsoever.

  7. Launch the "Transporter" app. Simply drag only the ipa file into the Transporter app.

Useful Transporter app Tip:

Be sure to look at the Preferences of the Transporter app. It is possible to get rid of (one) of the useless "OK" clicks.


Historic path:

Sept 22, 2019

Apple have utterly screwed it:

Xcode 11 won't upload. It's OK to develop, build, and archive in Xcode 11, but upload using 10.3.

Sept 2019

Astonishingly, appstoreconnect is not working in Safari currently. Use Chrome. (No, really.)

At the final step of submit to TestFlight, Safari crashes at the step where you type in a description of the build. Just use Chrome.

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From Console you can do:

xcrun altool --upload-app --type ios --file <Path-to-ipa> --username <Username> --password <One-time-pass>

Remember to use the one time pass from https://appleid.apple.com/account/manage and to omit the double quotes on PATH, USERNAME, and PASSWORD

Apple transporter

There is also a new app that Apple released that allows developers to send files to App Store Connect


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    This works for me as well. Important is to omit the double quotes. Otherwise you get an error code like "Error Domain=ITunesSoftwareServiceErrorDomain Code=-22014." – Sander Sep 24 '19 at 9:46
  • This should be marked as an answer. Thanks so much. !!! Also , IMPORTANT, do not forget to omit the double quotes for PATH, USERNAME and PASSWORD. Also , the password isn't your Apple Id Password, it is the application specific one time password ) Thanks – Gag Baghdasaryan Oct 11 '19 at 7:51
  • mas password using $ follow by number, so is that ok if I use a single quote? seems not working for me – bbc_danang Oct 26 '19 at 2:36
  • I've tried to download Transporter from AppStore to my mac but I can't download it, ¿someone has this problem? – EriK Dec 12 '19 at 17:52
  • One time password, of course. Thank you, this finally solved months of frustration. – Rand Jun 12 '20 at 15:58

Apple Just launched transporter app to submit app to itunesconnect



Enzo's answer works like a charm. But for those who are confusing like me you need to generate an app-specific password here: https://appleid.apple.com/account/manage

(I know, I'm responding to Enzo's answer here but I'm unable to comment)


Xcode supports uploading apps from the Organizer window or from the command line with xcodebuild or xcrun altool. Application Loader is no longer included with Xcode. (29008875)

xcrun altool --upload-app --type ios --file --username --password

Apple also launched transporter app to upload direct ipa to itunes connect.

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    Xcode supports uploading apps from the Organizer window Apps maybe but not IPA file – Enzo B. Sep 30 '19 at 7:17

What exactly does this mean "the key part of the AuthKey_key.p8 file" Sorry unable to comment, why everything these days so bloody annoyingly complicated when it needn't be

  • It means that e.g if your key is named: AuthKey_123456ABC.p8 then you should just use "123456ABC". Remember your AuthKey_123456ABC.p8 file has to be stored at this location: ~/.appstoreconnect/private_keys/ – Biba Oct 9 '19 at 11:20
  • Aaaah, so in other words what is actually named "key id". Thanks. – Matt Hough Oct 10 '19 at 10:12

Apple Has introduced Transporter App on App Store you can download it and use it instead of Application Loader


Okay, where's my archive? Is an IPA considered an archive? How do I integrate my IPA into this software?

The archive section will create your IPA file, and let you upload it directly to the apple developer area, ready to submit to the store.

In Xcode, from the menu at the top click "Product" and then "Archive". Follow the onscreen instructions. At this point your IPA file is created. You can choose to automatically distribute your file to the appstore, but I suggest clicking the "Validate App" option first, which will re-request the correct certificates/provisions and give you a summary of any issues. If no issues you can click "Distribute App" and it will upload the IPA file to your Appstore Connect (formerly iTunes Connect) area.


Here are 3 options for 2020 upload tools from apple


Upload your app binary files with Xcode

Upload your app binary files with altool

Upload your app binary files with the Transporter app

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