I am using a command-line program and I'd like to build a web interface for ease of access

I mean, the interface should have textfield, some popup-menu to let the users insert the input. Then, I've to show the output when the user click the "Execute" button.

When I hit a button from Web GUI, it should go hit the cli and run the command, display output on cli. Now I need to display this output on web gui.

Do you have any suggestion? I need to build this interface as soon as possible. So what's the fastest way to build such web app?

My question is exactly same as asked in below link, but I didnt get the proper answer for that: Web interface for a command-line program


I would make a static HTML screen with a form which, when POSTed, invokes a CGI script in, say, Perl. The script would extract necessary parameters, "feed" them to your CLI program, capture its output via redirection or pipe (depending on the environment) and format the output as the HTML response.

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