I am wondering is there any open source Java library for minimum cost flow problem? I have checked jgrapht and it is not helping. Does Any body know such library?

Regards, Luke


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I don't know of a library that is both open source and includes this algorithm, but here are a few places to look if you decide to have a go at implementing it yourself.

The answers to this question: Good Java graph algorithm library? identify some of the main Java graph libraries.

This article: Minimum cost flow problem and its applications discusses how to express the problem in OptimJ. OptimJ is a commercial product with a "free" version.

This book also has half a chapter on the algorithm: A Java Library of Graph Algorithms and Optimization


Here's a min cost max flow algorithm in Java. There's no license with the code so you may need to contact the page owner for that info. I've not yet used this code myself. If it doesn't do the job & you're willing to port some code, I've seen numerous C / C++ implementations.

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