I am using webpack for sass integration, webpack is compiling to sass but I do changes in the src folder but nothing has been reflected or any changes is shown. Could any one help me out. Webpack is running on // ./src/css/main.scss like webpack:///src/css/main.scss


 * Main Style Entry Point

@import '00-vendors/_vendors';
@import '01-settings/_settings';
@import '02-tools/_tools';
@import '03-generic/_generic';
@import '04-layout/_layout';
@import '05-components/_components';
@import '06-views/_views';
@import '07-cat/_category';

I do changes the code but it didnot reflect reflects any changesenter image description here

  • Repacking and rebuilding the bundle solves the problem
    – test qa
    Sep 19 '19 at 10:25

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