I've got an issue with the Playfair Display on google fonts. Here, i've a countdown with the Playfair Display at the bottom of this page : http://pms-ops.com/revlon/2019/

The font numbers are different in lowercase and uppercase. Even if I put the css in uppercase, the number are still in lowercase.

I add some code that fixed my problem (mostly on desktop). But the mobile part is in lowercase. I tried many thing but I can't fix it.


This is doesn't work, only on desktop and it's not working with all browsers.

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    Could you provide an example of the 'difference in lowercase and uppercase'? I.e. with a screenshot or something like that. – Condor Sep 18 at 9:06
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    There is no such things as a lowercase or uppercase digit. The character list shown under fonts.google.com/specimen/Playfair+Display appears to have just one “set” of digits as well. It is unclear what you are asking here. – 04FS Sep 18 at 9:34

Here the number in uppercase.

enter image description here

Here the number in lowercase.

enter image description here

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