What is the difference between GitLab CI and GitHub Actions Beta? Both talk about devops/automation from Git repo

  • I think it's just a different CI...
    – dan1st
    Sep 18 '19 at 10:44

GitHub copied a lot of Gitlab`s features, including CI (similar configuration and price). Actions looks like GitLab CI/CD but there are some differences between them.

GitLab CI/CD has integration with Pages, issues, packages registry, it has environments dashboard, review support, manual pipelines, multi-project pipelines, support a lot of different reports (such as Container scanning report), good API, ability to use your own runner, and a lot of other features. Also, it is open source.

You can see more full comparsion here

GitHub Actions - simple CI; GitLab CI/CD - configurable and powerful open-source CI/CD with integrations with different software and unique features.


As the commenter said above, it's basically just each company's answer to CI/CD. There are minor differences but the basic premise is the same.

You can see a side-by-side comparison from a third party at https://knapsackpro.com/ci_comparisons/github-actions/vs/gitlab-ci.

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