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I make a website that uses GPIO pins to measure temperature and humidity and then displays them in labels. I have 3 events. One to start the sensor, one to stop the sensor and one to store different values. I come over:

<a href="/stop" class="button" id="buttonStop" style="font-size:25px">Stop</a>

to my function. It works. Now I just want to make the links look like buttons. Unfortunately, I don't know how it works. On the internet I found nothing about it.

I also tried to make the tag a button tag, but then I couldn't get my function anymore.

<button href="/stop" class="button" id="buttonStop" style="font-size:25px">Stop</button>

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  • Yes it's a duplicate, but stack overflow, that didn't show up as the same question. – a.b_om Sep 18 at 10:06
  • css, lots and lots of css. Basically: on your .button {…} get rid o the underline, add a border, then use Pseudo-classes to do the hover effects etc. It's basic css... – Examath Sep 18 at 10:09
  • or you can adapt your js to be triggered by the click on a button. Instead of using the href as a parameter (buttons don't have an href) you can add a data attribute to it for example – Lelio Faieta Sep 18 at 10:20

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