I'm trying to observe when a value of IsEnabled in one of Results changes:

SourceList<Models.Result> mySource = new SourceList<Models.Result>();
var isEnabledChangedOperation = mySource.Connect().AutoRefresh(r => r.IsEnabled).Select(_ => TestFunction());

but "r => r.IsEnabled" is underlined and gets an error "Cannot convert lambda expression to type 'TimeSpan?' because it is not a delegate type"

What's wrong?

  • your sample code does not call .Subscribe() at the end. This is required to kick-off all of your rx code. – sa.he Oct 28 at 8:04

I suspect most likely you didn't put INotifyPropertyChanged on your Result class.

I had the same error with your sample code until I added that.

  • Thanks. I add and the project can be compiled. But it still doesn't work. var isEnabledChangedOperation = mySource .Connect() .AutoRefresh(r => r.IsEnabled) .ToCollection() .Do(x => TestFunction()); TestFunction never fires. I tried with INotifyPropertyChanged and with ReactiveObject but nothing has changed – hooboe Sep 19 at 11:26
  • Do you invoke the PropertyChanged event, in the IsEnabled setter? Something like: set {_isEnabled = value; PropertyChanged?.Invoke(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(nameof(IsEnabled))); Check out the unittest in the DynamicData source. @hooboe – Magnus Sep 25 at 19:34

The solution without AutoRefresh():

To add and implement INotifyPropertyChanged or ReactiveObject to Models.Result and set:

var isEnabledChangedOperation = mySource
  .WhenPropertyChanged(x => x.IsEnabled)
  .Subscribe(x => TestFunction());

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