I can not run this sample Rebol script

"Hello World"

on Debian 10 Linux 64-bit OS.

The script is from the official Rebol tutorial.

I'm trying to run it using this command from console:

$ rebol hi

but it fails with error message

Script: "Untitled" (none)
** Script Error: alert has no value
** Near: alert "Hello World"

I use the latest available build for Linux x86-64 from the official Rebol site.

REBOL/Core (23-Jan-2016)
Copyright 2016 REBOL Technologies

How to run the script?

Does Rebol support GUI on Linux?

I've found in the documentation Rebol runs on all mainstream platforms:

REBOL is cross-platform. A program written on Windows runs equally well on Linux, BSD, OS X, and many other platforms... with no changes necessary.

Source: http://www.rebol.com/what-rebol.html

But I tried this script and also an Bookmarks example with layout dialect and they both fail with has no value error.

I also tried to add .r extension to the script but it seems it doesn't matter.


The problem is that Rebol has two versions: core and view. And core version does not has graphics support. But view version does not support 64-bit Linux directly now. No 64-bit build exists, but there's 32-bit build.

To run an alert example using 32-bit build of Rebol View one may need to install required 32-bit libraries (and if I remember correctly first somehow enable 32-bit arch support on 64-bit linux):

On my Debian 10 machine I needed libx11.so.6 and some other X11 related libs:

$ sudo apt install libx11-6:i386 libxext6:i386 libxt6:i386 libxaw7:i386 libfreetype6:i386

Now the script can be run by command such as:

$ rebol hi.r

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