Our failed jobs table is empty, but we can see the missing jobs and job_id's with redis-cli

keys * returns a list of all the failed jobs

16578) "horizon:production1335842"
16579) "horizon:production1335474"
16580) "horizon:production1267827"
16581) "horizon:production1259905"
16582) "horizon:production1267420"
16583) "horizon:production1262883"
16584) "horizon:production1258641"
16585) "horizon:production1337095"

hget "horizon:production1335842" will return the details of the failed job

If I do

zrange "horizon:productionrecent_failed_jobs" 0 -1

I can see a list of the failed job IDs

16578) "1335842"
16579) "1335474"

How can I get failed jobs in redis back into the queue?

Also, in horizon.php instead of

'queue' => ['production', 'mail'],

should I have

'queue' => ['production:', 'mail:'],


Many thanks !

  • Does php artisan queue:failed produce any output? – Ben Johnson Sep 19 at 13:02
  • Unfortunately not, the queue:failed table is empty. We had a couple of memory intensive jobs which forced us to restart the server – Dazzle Sep 19 at 13:22
  • Are you using a database table to store the job information, i.e., one created with php artisan queue:table? I wouldn't expect that table to be emptied upon restarting the server. In any case, do you see the jobs if you go into Tinker and issue resolve('Laravel\Horizon\Contracts\JobRepository')->getFailed();? – Ben Johnson Sep 19 at 14:38
  • yes, there were a few jobs with a huge amount of ID's for a large export queue, which maximized memory limit. Now jobs are limited to 25 jobs per minute, down from several 100 :S – Dazzle Sep 20 at 12:19
  • Were you able to re-queue the jobs? Or are you still stuck? – Ben Johnson Sep 20 at 18:17

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