How can I create an instance of this Subject with an Int:

class NonNullableBehaviourSubject<T : Any>(defaultValue: T) : Subject<T>() {
   private val behaviourSubject = BehaviorSubject.createDefault<T>(defaultValue)

I then create an instance of NonNullableBehaviourSubject like this:

val emailValidationSubject = NonNullableBehaviourSubject(Int)

But I then get a compile error using this:


The compile error I get is:

Required: Companion.Int
Found: Int?

Also, Int must not be nullable. Yet, NonNullableBehaviourSubject does define a nullable parameter.


Your error object has nullable type, and you use safe call (?.) on it, so the whole expression is nullable. To make the value non-nullable you can either assert value is not null (error!!.errorResId will crash if error is null, error?.errorResId!! will crash if the whole expression is null) or provide the fallback value for null case ((error ?: DEFAULT_ERROR).errorResId or error?.errorResId ?: DEFAULT_ERROR_RES).

  • It also should be NonNullableBehaviourSubject(0) (or some other Int) rather than NonNullableBehaviourSubject(Int). Sep 19 '19 at 5:10

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