I have a class like

class BN {
val id: Long
val score: Option[Double]

And a map: Map[Long, Option[Double]] I want to convert map into List[BN], where id is the key and score is the value.

Is there any easier way to do it other than coding step by step like java?

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    map.iterator.map(BN).toList. But you should turn your class into a case class first - final case class BN(id: Long, score: Option[Double]). – Luis Miguel Mejía Suárez Sep 19 '19 at 1:37

Class you declared above is abstract: it declares 2 val fields but does not provide an implementation, this code won't compile without abstract modifier. As @Luis mentioned in the comment, most likely you need to declare a case class

// this is a class with 2 args
class BN(val id: Int, val score: Option[Double])

// this is a case class, depends on the usecase it might be more convenient
case class CBN(val id: Int, val score: Option[Double])

// abstract class with abstract members
abstract class ABN{
  val id: Int
  val score: Option[Double] 

var data = Map(1->Option(1.0), 2-> Option(2.0))

// map to case class using its automatically generated apply() method
data.map(t=> CBN(t._1, t._2))
// map regular class using 'new' keyword
data.map(t=> new BN(t._1, t._2))
// create new implementation overriding fields, don't do this in your case
data.map(t=> new ABN{val id=t._1 ; val score=t._2 })

For data structures you really should use case classes.

In addition to Fenixil's answer, you could add a constructor in the companion object, to hide the ugly stuff for the caller.

Change to case class:

case class BN(id: Int, score: Option[Double])

No vals needed, as case classes are immutable by default.

Provide a constructor in the companion object:

object BN {
  def apply(entry: (Int, Option[Double])):BN = 
     BN(entry._1, entry._2)


val data = Map(1->Option(1.0), 2-> Option(2.0))

This gives you: List(BN(1,Some(1)), BN(2,Some(2)))

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