Good day! I use PrecenseChannel and I catch join / leave on server side using a subscription to the Redis channel I use artisan command:

public function handle()
    $this->info("Presence channel watcher was started!");
    Redis::subscribe(['PresenceChannelUpdated'] , function ($message, $channel) {
        //Code for comparing users who leave and who join
        Notification::send($a1->users, new ExampleNotification($a2, $data));

I use notification for send event (only broadcast) But after sending Notification I get an error in console:

ERR only (P)SUBSCRIBE / (P)UNSUBSCRIBE / PING / QUIT allowed in this contex

Without notification, everything works and the notification itself works and sends broadcast

Since I use these notifications in the Services, therefore, the notification works

Any help? Thanks


Solution: Go to php.ini and set:

default_socket_timeout = -1

And add connection for Redis

Redis::connection('subscriber')->subscribe(['PresenceChannelUpdated'], callback)

Once a Redis connection subscribes to a pubsub channel, it becomes a pubsub type connection that only allows (P)SUBSCRIBE / (P)UNSUBSCRIBE / PING / QUIT commands.

Looks like you are trying to use the same connection for other commands (R/W data possibly) which yields this exact error. The solution is to have two connections objects, one subscriber and one to deal with all other Redis commands.

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