I am working on Dependency Injection in my app using Dagger2. I have a Settings screen built using PreferenceFragmentCompat. But since Dagger2 does not provide a corresponding type for PreferenceFragmentCompat (like it provides DaggerActivity to replace Activity and DaggerFragment to replace Fragment), how can I use AndroidInjection.inject(this) when injecting the dependencies inside my Settings fragment?


AndroidInjection.inject(fragment) requires fragment to implement dagger.android.HasAndroidInjector as can be read from the dagger.android.AndroidInjection source code.

HasAndroidInjector can be implemented just like how DaggerFragment is implemented (source).

public class SettingsFragment
  extends PreferenceFragmentCompat
  implements HasAndroidInjector {

  @Inject DispatchingAndroidInjector<Object> androidInjector;

  public void onAttach(Context context) {

  public AndroidInjector<Object> androidInjector() {
    return androidInjector;

  /* Other code */
  • Thanks. It worked (with slight change though) :) Previously, I was using 'HasSupportFragmentInjector' in my Fragment and it did not work maybe because 'PreferenceFragmentCompat' does not support it. So, to use your solution, I updated all my Dagger2 Gradle dependencies from 2.16 to 2.24 and implemented HasAndroidInjector in my App class (not in Fragment class). And voila! – Abdul Mateen Sep 20 '19 at 4:56

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