Is there any way to configure Amazon EC2 instances to support multicast needed for EhCache auto-discovery? (through iptables hacks etc)/


There is no multicast between EC2 instances. Amazon does not allow it.

There is a straight answer on the FAQ http://aws.amazon.com/vpc/faqs/#R4

You can submit a request to AWS, I am sure that you (we) are not alone facing a requirement to easily auto-scale an EHCache on amazon.

Terracotta seems to have a solution, cloud tools. http://ww1.terracotta.org/documentation/3.7/cloud-tools/get-started

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Dependent upon kernel configuration you might be able to overlay multicast on VPN connections manually wired up between each EC2 instance:

original version:


New version for 2014:


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Here is a presentation about how to use JGroups-based clustering (e.g. EHCache, and JBoss AS) on AWS:


You can configure JGroups to use TCP/IP and do discovery in many different ways.

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