I am using Kentico 10.0 I am using an Event Calendar. I do customize the existing calendar and all worked well. Now my requirement is to access "calItems_SelectionChanged" event, just as normal asp.net calendar, so that i can fill data to repeater according to the date. Since we are using transformations, i am not able to get the click event.

Nb. i am not using booking events, but am getting all the data plotting. please advice


Your best bet is to clone that webpart and create your own custom events within that webpart. This article will help you with cloning and customizing a new webpart. Make necessary name changes as needed.

  1. Open the Web parts application.
  2. Select the Forms -> On-line form web part in the tree.
  3. Click Clone web part () above the tree and enter the following values:
    • New object display name: Form with custom email
    • New object code name: FormWithEmail
    • Clone web part to category: Forms
    • Clone web part files: yes (checked)
    • Cloned web part file name: BizForms/formwithemail.ascx
  4. Click Clone.
  5. In your visual studio project, modify your new file and add your new code

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