I have developed a front-end application that manages to get a jwt token from Azure AD.

I manage to put this token in the headers and send the request to my back-end.

I checked the token with online tools, it is valid.

On URL that do not need token I can get it and decode it.

But when I notice an URL as [Authorize] I still get answers 401, and I do not see how to do so that my back-end can validate my token.

I have no idea what to put in the Startup.cs of my .NET Core 2.2 project

Does anyone have a solution ?


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I find a solution :

In appsettings.json :

"AzureActiveDirectory": {
    "Instance": "https://login.microsoftonline.com/",
    "Domain": "<Domain>",
    "TenantId": "https://login.microsoftonline.com/<TenantId>/v2.0",
    "ClientId": "<ClientId>"

In Startup.cs :

services.AddAuthentication(AzureADDefaults.BearerAuthenticationScheme).AddAzureADBearer(options => Configuration.Bind("AzureActiveDirectory", options));
services.AddAuthorization(o =>
    o.DefaultPolicy = new AuthorizationPolicyBuilder()

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